Our Services

SSRG specializes in the provision of integrated security solutions to customers across Canada, and to clients in both remote and industrial settings. We provide innovative and value based security solutions to customers in several markets, including:

  • oil and gas facilities
  • hospitals and healthcare centres
  • airports
  • pipeline construction
  • mines and mine access roads
  • forestry
  • road construction
  • public utilities
  • marine/ports
  • commercial and government buildings

Our full suite of solutions includes:

  • risk assessments and investigations
  • customized guard force programs
  • security and safety technology
  • canine protection and detection
  • traffic control and flagging
  • parking enforcement
  • patrols and fire watch

SSRG has proprietary technology developed in-house, which can enhance our client’s security, and provide full suite security technology solutions. Additionally, we have several strategic partners that can supply us with a variety of security applications and programs as needed.



Proud to be leading the way in total security services

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