Scarlet Security & Risk Group Acquires Lions Gate Risk Management Group and ARC Protection Corp

Vancouver, BC (Feb 1st, 2022) – Scarlet Security & Risk Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lions Gate Risk Management Group and its manned guarding and k9 sister company, ARC Protection Corp. The transaction will take effect today February 1st, 2022, with all employees of both the Lions Gate Risk Management Group and ARC Protection Group joining the SSRG.

The acquisition further expands SSRG’s brand by adding new geographical regions and specialized services in risk management, investigation, intelligence, and executive protection services.

From Patrick Doyle, CEO of Scarlet Security Group:

“We’ve enjoyed numerous successes over the last few years growing and maturing, adding to our team, and taking on larger and more complex projects. We have a clear vision for the road ahead and I truly believe this addition will prove to be a significant milestone in our progression. Therefore, I am delighted to announce this transaction”.

“After getting to know Scot Filer it was clear he cared where Lions Gate and his team members ended up. He did an amazing job of assembling an outstanding group of subject matter experts and a highly trained guard force, one of which is Doug Maynard who will continue in his critical role once the transaction is complete. Their philosophy and culture align perfectly with ours and will add value to current and future customers. I am extremely excited to work with and support Doug and his team”.

From Scot Filer, CEO and founder of Lions Gate Risk Management Group:

“Lions Gate has established itself as a leader in our segment of the security industry, and Scarlet has done the same in theirs. Acquisitions, mergers, and strategic partnerships are part of the natural order of things. The agreement that Scarlet and Lions Gate have made is in the best interests of both companies, our employees, and our clients. I am very pleased to share this news and to contribute to the future success of Scarlet and Lions Gate.”

From Doug Maynard, President & COO of Lions Gate Risk Management Group:

“The Team and I at Lions Gate Risk Management Group and ARC Protection Corp are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Scarlet Security & Risk Group going forward. The alignment of vision, culture and client centered service is consistent in both companies. Lions Gate and ARC take pride in deep long-standing relationships with our clients, and we customize our service around the clients’ individual needs. We look forward to a combined approach of harmonized services satisfying customers across a much larger region.”

About Scarlet Security & Risk Group:

SSRG is one of Canada’s leading security companies. We provide a variety of client-centric security, technology and risk management solutions to our partners and clients. Our diverse, highly qualified team members and relentless commitment to excellence provide superior results for our clients.

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About Lions Gate Risk Management Group and ARC Protection Corp:

Originally founded in 2008 by Scot Filer, Lions Gate has a wide range of services in Risk Management, executive protection, intelligence analysis, investigations, financial and crypto currency investigations and more. Our leadership has extensive experience in all fields and combined with our cadre of experts, we are capable of delivering services of the highest standard. The Lions gate team identifies, assesses, and prioritizes your risks to match them with tailored solutions. With our combined services with ARC Protection Corp, we are also able to field experienced uniformed guards and K9 detection teams in support of protecting your interests. Lions Gate and ARC provide a deep range of services to support our clients as a one stop call for Risk Management, Investigations, and Security services.

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